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Ramón de Melo is an eclectic Photographer based in Lisbon,  working wordwide. 


Twenty years ago, Ramón made the move from a career as a tv, cinema and theatre actor to another role behind the limelight where he was better able to fulfil his need for creation and explore his artistic direction.

With his previous experience, fashion, backstage and still photography, came naturally. Ramón was able to move into areas as portrait and architecture  and proceeded to contribute as a fashion photographer for GQ Portugal, Edit Mag, Edit Kids, Dif Mag, Livening in Portugal or Chocolate in Angola to name a few. He went on to work as a photo editor for magazines including Portuguese publications Briefing, Livening and Out&About. In the media and production industry, Ramón also works for major production companies like Shine and Endemol (now the group), Coral Europa, as well as all major tv stations in Portugal. Ramón has other institutional  clients like banks (Crédito Agricola) or LPM the biggest public relations and communication agency in Portugal.




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